How to help my boys adjust to moving to a new state?

Megan - posted on 10/19/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )





In June we decided to move to Louisiana from North Carolina. It was a lateral move for my husbands job. In June the company paid for my family to spend a few days down here for us to check out Louisiana. We talked to my boys they said ok. I figured I already moved from Florida to NC however, my boys were born in the only house they ever lived in, same school y'all know how that is. My husband left in July and was here for 6 weeks until we found a rental house. My youngest son will say he hates school when he first wakes up in the morning but 5 minutes later is saying are we going to school yet lets go!!! My 10 year old 5th grader was fine but now the past couple of days he told me he going through changes and we talked and I told he is normal and it's part of growing up and becoming his own. This morning he said he was sick he did look pale and made a few visits to the restroom, we took my youngest to school and if your sick go to bed! He came out an hour later with his hat on and comfy clothes "hey mom what's up" what are we doing today? Well your sick right...oh I proceed to ask what's really going on. He said its nerves which I agree with but he has been at this school for 6 weeks now and his hormonal attitude set in this place sucks he's going back to NC because he knows everyone there. I have told him he needs to give it a chance until I am every color of the rainbow!! Every weekend we have done something new. I told him he had 10 minutes and we were going to school and he was in the car mad at me but its something he needs to realize that we live here and that's what it is and he can't get out of school. My husband is gone to work about 14 hours a day I told him we should stay home this weekend to get our kids in check but he said I already had fun stuff planned!! What should I do help? I am trying to be understanding but during the week it's like school dads working and here's the weekend so lets vacation so is it ok for me to want a weekend at home and make them know this is home now? Thanks

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