how to help my daughter understand about her father

Melissa - posted on 09/18/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My daughter is 4 years old and her real father has never seen or done anything for her. My ex i was with him since i was 4 months pregnant with her and he raised her like she was his. He was a gret father to her got her whenever she wanted. Then i got pregnant with my son and we both were happy then something happened and he left me when i was 7 weeks pregnant with him.( my son is 5 months old now)He just up and walked away from my daughter. It killed my daughter she would cry all the time and now almost a year later she is asking me questions like why doesnt daddy love me and my brother? Wy did daddy leave?? How do i tell her that he isnt her real dad and that he is her brothers father without hurting her more??? My son is 5 months old and i know when he gets older he is going to ask me about his dad and i dont know what to say. my ex was very very verbally abusetive to me and he was doing drugs. He left me for another girl and for drugs. please someone help me

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