how to help my son focus in studies in fourth grade


LATISHA - posted on 09/27/2013




Take away the t.v and the games they play with make this a every day thing give it back on friday's went work is completed.But t.v they should have about 2 hours a day on news and history or any thing that's educational.No games until work is done...! Make a note on the time you give and take back the t.v or games and no playing on sunday ...Give him or her a book to read repeat the same time and steps all the time.You don't want to confuse them so after school is homework ,study a 1 hour. then some tv. give them a good time for bed .like maybe 7:00 to 8:00 the time move by half as they get older,and some time you may have to reduce time as well like keep the same time so the can learn to focuse, always ask for a report from them so you can see what learn on any work they been doing ask the child not the teacher,You can always get a report from your child teacher but you want to see it and grade it yourself ,I started with my son 25 books. and i want a book report on each one and i love them to talk to me and tell out they own mouth as well.I hope i was able to help you.

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