How to Improve Social Skills and Is Boarding School Best

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Our son is 10 years old. Since starting school there have always been concerns regarding his lack of social skills and self control.

We are a happy family with only the one child. We have tried lots of different things to assist from school counsellors, child specialists and working with him in a supportive environment at home.

He seems to know what the right and wrong thing to do is but cannot put it into practice.

He recently went away on a school trip and pretty much annoyed all the boys which is what he has done all his school life. He does have a friend or two at school who tend to be on the immature side like him.

It was suggested to us Boarding School may assist. I am not convinced. I can see good and bad. I already see him shying away from group situations as he knows it is going to be awkward as he cannot fit in as he would like, I dont want o send him to boarding school only to upset all those boys and have no friends or think the other boys feels he is annoying. Would boarding be too much or would

it help develop skills and self control he needs.

He also tells me he tries to be funny and acts silly which I think is attention seeking to get people to pay attention to him but from what I understand it often backfires.

He is a confident child, who is generally well adjusted in most other areas. He is a big follower not a leader. It is just this social skills thing which he will tell you there is a problem that he wants to be better but just cannot seem to get a handle on it.

I thought of changing schools but whats the point of that if the lessons have not been learnt, I am guessing it will be the same all over again just a different place. I have been struggling with this since prep, he is now in grade 5 for which is is young compared to most of the other boys. I also thought repeating a year but his grades are good

and being with likeminded boys may make it worse.

I also thought well this is the way he is let nature take its course but lacking social skills is not go to help tomorrow or in 5, 10 or 20 years. etc years. Are welcome feedback as my head is spinning. L

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