How to introduce solids and what do i start with?


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Michelle - posted on 09/22/2011




I just introduced vege's 1 at a time. I would boil extra potato's and puree them without anything added. Mashed banana's, stewed pears/apples pureed, carrots pureed.
I never really bought baby food, just boiled fruit and vege's then pureed them myself.
I found some large ice cube trays and froze the food in them. They were the perfect portion size for baby trying foods.

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I offered banana and avocado to my son when he was 6 months old and could sit well on his own.

He probably didn't actually swallow much until around 7.5 months -- he mostly played.

His staples were oatmeal (not "baby oatmeal" -- but regular oatmeal ground in a mixer), plain yogurt, veggies, fruit, and egg yolks.

Just my opinion, for what it's worth: I would skip baby rice cereal, jarred baby food, "baby yogurt" -- all products marketed for babies, really.

JuLeah - posted on 09/22/2011




Advice differs: I was told at six months introduce a veggie or apple sauce. Orgainc (NOT Gerber) - no added anything - never any kind of sweetener, no processed anything ..... all the common sense stuff

In a week or so if there are no issues, introduce another veggie - sweet potatoes or something - again, orgainc and healthy ... slowly keep adding veggies and fruit ... lentels can come in at some point (my kid never liked em, but we tried a few times)

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