How to invite kindergartners classmate on a playdate?

Diana - posted on 10/21/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




Okay so my son is five and in kindergarten and he really gets along super well with one of the other little boys in his class so my question is I feel weird because he only knows this little boy at school so I don't know his parents and he's a bus student so it's not like his parents bring him to school or pick him up so idk his do I go about asking for a playdate???


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At our school, the teacher is really good at facilitating play dates before the school directory gets published (sometimes we don't get that until late November). Just drop her an email saying, "Hi, my son ____ is getting along really well with _____ and would like to arrange a play date outside of school. Would you mind passing my contact info along to his mom?" (due to privacy issues, she can't give you the other mom's info without permission, but you can give her permission to pass yours along). One note of caution though, sometimes teachers can be really busy, so I would try to just do this once until you get the directory.

If you already have the directory, just look up her number and give her a call. Introduce yourself, tell her that your son loves playing with her son and would like to play outside of school sometime, then suggest meeting at a park, or attending a library or museum together sometime.

I always prefer the first few play dates in public places where both parents are present. Once I know the parent pretty well, we'll meet at one of our homes, but both stay for the play date, then eventually I'll consider dropping my son off for a few minutes, depending on how well I know the parent.

Michelle - posted on 10/21/2014




Maybe put a note in his bag for his parents letting them know that he is friends with your son and you would like them to have a playdate sometime. Let him know you are putting the note there though, just in case it sits there for months on end.
Make sure you have your contact details so the other parents can get in touch with you.

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