how to keep schools out of home schooling!


JuLeah - posted on 05/24/2011




Not sure what you are looking for here. Some people think that if you can read yourself, you can teach another to read. Some people think if you can work a math problem, you can teach math.
Few parents actually have the skills to teach. Sure the kid might learn to read, but have them ready for college? Teach all subjects?
Schools should not be kept out of homeschooling. Parents should be required to take classes in teaching before they are allowed to homeschool.
It is far more then getting workbooks and doing a few pages each day.
Some parents really pull it off, but most don't and the kids suffer.
Schools are underfunded and overcrowded, so ideally, parents will educate themselves on how to teach, and suppliment at home so their child actually learns all they need to know.

Jane - posted on 05/24/2011




Most successful home school families I know work within the framework of a home school organization That way, if a particular parent isn't good at teaching a subject, another can step in. It also allows for group activities, letting kids become socialized, which is always one of the arguments for regular school and against home schooling.

The state has a mandate that all children reach a certain level of competence, so for example, here in Texas, all kids, home schooled or not, private school or public, have to pass certain exams. If your kid passes you are good to go (although these tests tend to be aimed at the middle-lowest common denominator so college-bound kids will need a lot more knowledge than that). This isn't controlled by the schools. It is, however, controlled by the legislature.

Also in our area there is an argument against home schooling in that home schooled kids don't get equal access to team sports. Parents in our area either have their kids participate in City-run or traveling leagues, skip sports because their kids aren't interested, or in a few cases have worked out ways for their child to participate in sports at large private schools in town without attending school. We can't do that at public schools because of UIL rules, but private schools have more flexibility.

Without more details, we don't know how you see the schools getting involved in home schooling so there isn't much more we can say. So, how are schools getting into home schooling?


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A good school system will happily partner with a home-schooling family for resources and for allowing your child to attend "specials" like gym, library, music, art class, etc. I think it's all about a storng balance to compliment each other. The schools can also assist the homeschooling family with state mandated assessments. It really can be a good relationship if you think about it.

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