How to learn to be more relaxed with my 7 year old step son?

AMBER - posted on 05/04/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have a step sone who is 7, his dad is very easy on him lets him do whatever he want to almost, i was not raised that way, i had a little strickter father, i had to clean up my messes when i was done be respectfull to everyone and we didn't spend hrs on the computer or the TV we always played outside. All he wants to do it be on the computer or play his video games or throw balls in my house, i got his dad to agree no balls in the house, but the kid is waisting his time with everything else. i just feel so irritated about every little thing he does and i wish i wasn't, The kid also has a major attitude with me anytime i ask him to do anything, his dad just ignores it when he does it to him, how come i cant and how can i get him to listen. I also try to help with with his homework but he gets mad and starts beating him self up about everything and thinks he is dumb please some one give me some advice?


√v^√v^√♥ - posted on 05/06/2011




You two need to be on the same page. You may not get all you want out of him. My mom even as her child could not get me to clean my room. She said the closest she could get to me cleaning was to demand all my Legos and Barbies were in a bin, and everything else was to be thrown away.... and I did and she did....... she threw away what was left on the floor. It worked. So even when you have your own kids there are limits to each of you to how far you can both be pushed.

A step child is harder. I would talk to your husband about having HIM regulate how much his son is on the TV and games. Explain to him that it's just not healthy. That he's missing out on real life by sitting so much. You need your husband on your side though, so talk to him and make him the enforcer when it comes to his son on important issues........ then the boy should learn to respect you more as he knows dad won't let him get away with stuff

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