how to live with inlaws

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i just had a blow up with my husband's parents - how do i deal with that


Ariana - posted on 10/02/2012




What was the blow-up about? It's hard to know how to resolve the problem without knowing the issue.

Were you the one that blew up or them? If you blew up on them I would sit them down and apologize for blowing up (not over the issue but over how you reacted). I would state that you were upset over this problem and you want to be able to work it out. If they are unreasonable and can't work this out find your own solution to it.

Once again I do not know the problem so I cannot give advice on how you would solve it. Sometimes unfortunately we can't change other peoples behavior we can only change ours. See if there is a solution suitable to you where it doesn't matter what they do. So if maybe they're telling you how to raise your kids (just an example I don't know if that's it) you could change your behavior by saying you respect their opinion but you're going decide how to do things and then walk away. Find a solution that works for you and if you two can't resolve things tell them this is what you plan on doing from now on.

If they blew up on you you should sit them down and tell them you think the way they handled things were very inappropriate and if they have a problem you can sit down and talk things out. If they lose it again tell them you will not be talked to in a rude manner and they can discuss things with you when they're willing to talk to you respectfully. Then you walk away.

More information on the problem is needed to give you any specific advice. Good luck to you!

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