How to make a real friends ?

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Hi all,

I am mom of 2 girls , I am having hard time making friends with other moms . I am very nice person but still I don't have good friend, everybody I know is just hi ,hello friends . I don't know what mistake I am making.

Pleas give me few tips on how to start making real friends.


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Lee - posted on 04/27/2013




Are you also a hi, hello person too? because if you are, that is a challenge right there. Whenever you are looking for a friend in a person you must show interest in that person so that, that person if the feeling is mutual will also reciprocate. Be an initiator, invite her over to your house, meet somewhere for tea or coffee as Amanda suggested, go to a park with your children etc. One last thing be real, don't appear or sound like you're from Mars yet on planet earth. By so saying I don't suggest that you should start by offloading all your private info (always remember that trust is earned and over time) but what I mean is that you don't want to sound as if your life is perfect, nothing but a smooth ride. I've got a friend like that, I promise you it's boring, we grew apart for that very reason because I've realised that it's just not practical and I didn't see any value for that friendship if we behave as if everything is rosy, when life itself is not perfect. All the best dear...

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