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Victoria - posted on 08/03/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I been in a 9yr relationship.. had a Beautiful Son.. whos 7.. we been apart for 6Mnths now.. When him and i first meet we were friends at first then became sexual.. 3month later i was pregnant.. we had to grow up fast and become a family.. we moved back to my state.. where my family r.. better support group.. it was great then we started our lives.. we always lived like roommates it seemed.. i buy my food he buy his own and our son we buy seperate to.. everything 50/50.. just making over the years.. feel like i lived with a roommate we had a kid every once in a while we have sex. I wanted to marry him i ask him over the years.. he wanted to then i didn't then he didnt.. i was scared i was married once before at was a verbally abusive relationship of 2yrs.. and my son father i meet thru the divorce.. took me away from that abuse.. thats something i will Always be So Thankful for.. he made me safe.. We akways wrked separate shifts cus of our son.. we always lived to live never really did much.. he very anti social hates the wrld depressed.. anxiety.. but he doesnt want help I always tired to make him Happy make him avoid things he didn't want to do drive he hates to. Call places for him credit cards etc.. i did everything making meals to making sure he had a meal when he got off wrk at 1am.. made his lunch mine our sons.. make sure son had clothes laid out so he didnt have to wry about clothes for school.. did wry about son education i did it all.. clean.. u name it i did it for 9yrs. i Wrk 6days a week.. all this. Our sex life was there not perfect He was Affectionate to me in beginning more sexual.. but thru the years it slowed down i Expressed my feeling i been thinking about other men.. i told him to do something.. ge replied Ppl change thru the years i said why they just do.. i was devastated. He never did anything about it.. he said after our break he knew i was talking to other men.. then Why didnt u say Something .. i started talking to other men getting attention which i know it was wrng i wanted to be with him but i needed attention ..Then one day i Was Tired i Mean tired.. i wanted his help!.. asked him lets make list.. so we can help eachother out.. nope we know what to do.. help me empty dishwasher every once in blue moon.. make ur luch accouple times a week.. change sleep schedule.. he never wanted to help.. our sex life was him wanting a baby why??..later he said it was to save our family he knew i was tired.. Why didnt he Help.. i felt i was going to raise a baby by myself.. i lost a baby 5weeks.. miscarriage stress everything.. i ended the relationship.. he distance. Himself so did i.. we never talked or he never reasoned to change to help me.. and wrk on relationship.. he only replied by putting a promise ring that what i got after 9yrs.. a promise ring.. he put it out on the counter.. or touch my leg.. i finally moved outta the house 3mnths ago.. We still hangout.. we had sexual encounters bad i know.. hes talking to someone and so am i.. we stop the sex now.. but he wants to remain friends ask me to run to the store for him Why.. ?? If he Got A Girl?..and he still ask for my approvals and appraise.. What to do.. im Confused Please Help!


♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 08/04/2015




Make sure you have custody, support and visitation legally established and move on.

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