How to move on after he walked out.

Britney - posted on 03/27/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My bf of 3 years walked out on my 7 month old and I. He said he was fed up, and that we argued too much. We had a difficult relationship. I didn't trust him and I was constantly asking to check his phone. I had caught him talking to 7 different girls in different occasions that was the reason I was always arguing with him. He always said they were friends and that they would text him. He was always hiding his phone and I always felt paranoid. He came over to visit our son and doesn't admit that because of him our relationship didn't work. He comes over and seems so happy and it upsets me. I should be the one who should have left him not him walking out on us. He only asks about my son not once about us how can he be so happy?! How can I move on I'm very upset and angry. Help...


Jackalope - posted on 03/27/2015




If he's coming over to visit your son, then he didn't walk out on both of you. He only walked out of your relationship, not your son. He's moved on from you, so he has no reason to ask how you are doing. Obviously his only concern is his child. There wasn't trust in the relationship, so it was smart for him to leave. Arguing in front (or even around) your child isn't good for anyone (especially the baby).

Moving on isn't going to be easy. Find a sitter for your son and go out with some girlfriends! Go out and enjoy yourself. Enjoy being single for awhile.

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