How to move son out of state and away from his father?

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My best friend has 3 children, 1 from her 1st marriage and 2 from her 2nd and current husband. Her 2nd husband is the sole provider for her and the 3 children (including his stepson) She is a stay at home mom. Her 1st husband was not educated, not employed, and in and out of legal trouble. But the 1 thing he did have was love for his son. He has visitation rights, every other weekend and Wed nights. With the exception of going to jail for a yr, he has always been there to spend his visitation time with his son. He does not volunteer or offer any financial assistance not even p when asked to pay child support nor is there a court order for him to pay. My best friend wants to move out of state with her husband and 3 children. I know her ex-husband will never agree to allowing his son to leave state. Has anyone been in this situation or of known anyone in this situation? Any help or advice will be extremely appreciated. I'm hoping that others experience will help my friend do it right the 1st time.

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it really depends on the laws where you live. I would imagine that she would either need the consent of the father, OR, court permission. She would need a very good reason to move out of state. Given the father has an established bond with the child, that could be difficult. your friend needs to get legal advice asap. BEFORE she moves.

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