How to potty train a very strong-willed child?

Megan - posted on 05/26/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is 3.2 years old. He knows how to go to pee in the big potty standing up and how to go poo poo in his little potty. Sometimes he decides to go on his own and is proud of himself. However, most of the time he chooses to go in his pull-ups. Every time we try to take him to the potty to go, even when we know he needs to, he throws a tantrum and screams until we give up and let him go in his pull-ups. Any suggestions? We've tried reward charts and they work while we do the chart but once we abandon the chart and think he's ready to go on his own, he stops and goes back to tantrums. Any advice on potty training a very strong-willed child?


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Carolyn - posted on 10/14/2012




My grandaughter is 4 1/2 and does fine on the potty, urinating. When it comes to pooping she refuses to go. We took away the pull ups about 3 weeks ago and now she just goes in her panties. She goes to pre school and holds it all day and then when she comes home she goes several times an evening. She does night time fine, very few accidents in her sleep, but during the week and weekends which are worse, she goes in her panties. We have tried all kinds of incentives. Not the chart you are referring to, but other written incentives such as you get to do this if you make a good choice and go on the toliet. She says she will do it, but never does and really doesn't get angry if she doesn't get to do the thing she wanted to do if she did do it. Can someone pleas explain the chart and how to get her interested in it. We need help!!!

Thanks, Carolyn Fellie

Kelina - posted on 05/26/2010




when he runs out of pull up don't buy him anymore. And when you do the reward charts, don't suddenly abandon them, make the rewards bigger and more drawn out. For instance if he goes for a whole week, then give him a reward. Then once he's got that down, make it two weeks and maybe he gets to go to the toy store and pick out a new toy. After a month or so of that, make it longer and the reward bigger. Don't simply abandon it cause he wants the rewards! Maybe towards the end, tell him that if he can be a big boy and go on the potty witout the chart until a certain day marked in red on the calendar then you'll go somewhere special, like the beach or something. And ignore his tantrums. He throws them casue they work and it easier to go in his pants than on the potty. Good luck!

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