how to prepare for labour???

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I'm a 22 yr old and I'll be giving birth soon.. Everytime when I think about labour I get too emotional and scared. What to do?? Confused


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I would suggest taking the child birth classes. They will help prepare you at least with information on what is to come. Often times when we know what to expect we are less scared and nervous. Like others have said each labor is different. Just know that there is always an end and the end is well worth it :). It also can't be THAT bad or people would not do it again.

Chana - posted on 04/02/2015




I am not sure you can prepare for labor. Have you taken childbirth classes? That helps but no ones labor is the same. Although mine was long for both of my girls it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Do not be afraid to ask for pain medicine because no one can judge your pain but you. I don't remember a whole lot about my labor except that with my second they had to break my water and they didn't anymore than get the epidural done and I said I felt like I had to push and the nurse didn't believe me until she checked. I was always told that you forget the pain once you see the baby and that was pretty true for me. Not sure that answered your question but it might give you a little peace of mind.

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I was your age when I had my son there is no preparation really just read about labor and don't worry you'll be alright
And don't be afraid to ask for pain medication doesn't harm the baby I've had three kids


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