How to prepare little ones for a big move??

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Has any one moved with little ones? We just found out we will be moving four hours away January 1st. My oldest will be almost 4 and my youngest will be almost 2 (and I'll be 7 1/2 months preggers)
We have lived in the same town in the same apartment since the oldest was born, pretty much all of our family is here, I don't know how to prepare the kids for this. They see both sets of Grandparents at least twice a week and they see their cousins several times a week. How do I prepare them for this.
This move is going to great for us! I'll be able to be a SAHM!! (for the first time) My hubby will have set hours. We will move from a cramped two bedroom apartment to a spacious 4 bed 2 bath farm house with tons of space for the kids to roam.


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I have moved 2 times with my oldest who is now 5. From the house he was born into, then to my MIL house, then 1200 miles away from them. I was pregnant with my youngest when we made the big trip.

I would talk to him about it (then he was 3yrs 4 months) and show him pictures of where we were moving to. I started letting him know early on that he was not going to see his grandma, grandpa aunt and uncle regularly....but he was moving near his cousins and another aunt. Just make it as exciting as you can. A great big adventure. They will adjust easier than you will probably, as long as you make it enjoyable. Tell them all the great things.

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get skype on your computer. (its free) just go to and sign up this way ur kids can still see and talk to there grandparents from far away :)


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The Skyping is a great idea. We still do it. You can even start doing it before you move to get them used to it. Congratulations on your move.

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Get Skype or a webcam. I moved from Rochester, NY to Kelowna BC over the summer with my 7 year old and then 3 month old daughters. We were living with my parents from the time my oldest was born back in 2004. My side of the family lives in the same city. My inlaws live up to 2hrs away from where my DH and I live.

My advice is if your oldest does start to be concerned about leaving the families behind reassure him or her that they'll be able to talk to their grandparents whenever they want. I also told my older daughter that she'd finally have kids in her neighbourhood to play with (she was in a private school before and there weren't kids in the neighbourhood) and she'll always be able to call mama and pop.

A lot of reassurance goes a long way as does contact with other family members at the child's request.

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Don't tell them yet ... it will just give them time to worry. Tell them about a week in advance

Show them pictures - make sure grandparents show their support and are excited about it - least in front of them

Your feelings around this won't be theirs, but they will pick up cues from you on how they ought to be feeling

They won't really have big feelings, becuase they can't understand what this is; having never moved and not being able to understand 'future' as an adult does

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