How to prepare my one year old for a plane ride


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Sarah - posted on 05/24/2016




Aside from ear pain with altitude change it should not be to tough for her. Some tips, bring her bottle, for take off and landing but remember you cannot take more than four ounces of liquid thru security. Either pack it in four ounce servings, or mix it with bottled water post security. Bring her lovey, a few easy to eat snacks, an extra layer of clothing as planes can be cool, and some easy to pack toys. Having wipes for her hands and face will be helpful. if you bring a stroller, take it with you to the gate and check it there, then the plane staff will meet you at you destination with the stroller. Resist the early boarding offer, the only benefit is getting first access to overhead compartment. If you board early you will extend your waiting on the plane by 45 minutes to and hour. goodluck!

Arlene Mckenzie - posted on 05/24/2016




I am going to be travelling with my daughter for the first time on a plane and i need to know how it will affect her physically.

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