How to prevent other kids from teasing your child who has a disability


Corinna - posted on 04/03/2016




This was an issue for me growing up with a speech impairment and LD. It was painful and it still is nowadays for our children. I will say that the one thing that keep me from feeling "so bad" was my love of horse back riding. Having a sport or hobby really helps. mAlso the most life changing factor was when I went to a school for children like me. It saved my life. The most profound lesson I had was when someone told me that those who call you stupid are the ones who are hurting the most. This is because of their own lack of self respect. A good therapist or pastor also helps. Our son was bullied and beaten up at his school from 3rd to 5th grade. We ended fighting the school for outside placement and won after 2 years of fighting. I'm sorry for your and your child's pain. Remind your child that s/he matters to you and that those who hurt others are hurting. They just don't have any self respect so they hurt others to hide their own pain. I hope this helps a little.....((((((HUGS)))))

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