how to pronounce Niamh....

Sal - posted on 06/15/2013 ( 9 moms have responded )




how would you say this name?? Niamh? I am thinking of using this name but concerned no one will know how to say it, this is the traditional and as I see it the correct spelling, I never knew this was the actual spelling just liked the name, now but now I don't think I could use the other more phonetic version.....


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Chet - posted on 06/18/2013




Don't change the spelling! If you use the traditional spelling at least the people who are familiar with Gaelic names will know how to pronounce it. If you change the spelling nobody will be sure. Invented spellings are almost never a sure thing. Some people always guess wrong even when you think you've spelling it in a completely clear way.

Gaelic names are gaining in popularity in the US and Canada for sure. Using the traditional spelling you may need to educate some people when they first hear your child's name, but then they'll know.

Amy - posted on 06/16/2013




It is a pretty name. Before i read the comments I thought it was Nee-um. I like Neev as well. I think it depends on where you are can have the same name pronounced differently in the south than in the north (I'm in the US). I honestly think tho names have so many different pronounciation and spellings somebody somewhere will get it wrong. So don't let that stop you from naming your child whatever you choose.

Sal - posted on 06/16/2013




Yes this is my problem... My sons name is a different version and it gets boring never having it right on anything , and it is just nikolaus instead of Nicholas but at least it is pronounced correctly, I think there would be constant misspellings and mispronouciations... We have 2 other names that we like for a girl hubby loves Ava and I like elka but we both liked Niamh... Or Neve just the spelling that is putting me off now

Sarah - posted on 06/16/2013




My daughter has 2 girls with this name in her class. One spelled Niamh and the other Neve. I think they are both beautiful. That being said if it is not common in your area (its an Irish name and I live in Scotland) maybe the phonetic way will be easier on your daughter. She won't have to keep spelling it for people.

Firebird - posted on 06/15/2013




It's actually pronounce like 'neev' but if I'd never encountered that name before, looking at it, I wouldn't have a clue.

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