How to protect my baby from her drug abusing in-laws?

Sara - posted on 02/05/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am 4.5 months pregnant with my first child. Last week I found out that my boyfriend was sneaking around behind my back doing drugs. I broke up with him so he went to live with his alcoholic mother in the projects. She is abusive and violent whenever drunk which is most of the time. Once she was so drunk she fell asleep while cooking and left the stove on and it started a fire.

I'm scared that the grandmother will harm my baby during visitations and even worse what if he gets joint custody. I have no proof of his drug use to offer the courts. I feel so helpless right now. He says that he would never leave the baby alone with his mother, but he's not a trustworthy guy. I feel so scared and helpless and worried that something awful is going to happen when the baby is away from me.

I don't want to cut my the father off from the baby but the risks of her visiting with him while he lives with his alcoholic mother have me sitting here terrified.

Does anyone else have a drug abusing in-law story that they can share? How should I deal with this?


Andrea - posted on 02/05/2014




You need to start writing and dating everything.. You can also ask for supervised visitation, that way he nor his mom can be left alone with your baby.. The most important thing is the safety of your baby.. You as the mother have to be comfortable with who is around and caring for your child when you are not..
I understand not wanting to cut the father out, but if he was sneaking around behind your back using drugs, who is not to say he wouldn't leave the baby for a second to go get more or even take the baby with him to go get more.. Just things to think about.. you are your babies voice..
Hope this is helpful..
Take care and Best wishes...

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