How to put a 20 month old to sleep?

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I nursed my son untill he was 13 months old. To transition from breast to bottle to put him to sleep for his naps and bedtime I would lay on the couch and watch disney jr and give him a bottle of milk. He is 20 months now and that is not working anymore. I've been trying to cut out the bottle and only give it to him at nap time and bed time but i start laying with him on the couch and hours and many bottles later he is running around playing or fussy and tiered but fighting it. He has his own room and did used to sleep in his crib, untill he climbed out on night and my hubby turned it into a toddler bed. since then he has slept in our bed, because i cant get him to lay in this bed. I am at my wits end and do not know what to do, any advice would be GREATLY appreciated, HELP. I want a healthy, happy way for him to be getting the sleep he needs.


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I have to say you are going in the same position I was in. My son climbed out of his crib at 18 months. He would stay up and when we put him in his crib he would either wake up, or wake up a couple hrs later. My son is almost 4 now, and he sometimes sleeps in bed with me and my boyfriend. The best advice I can give you is when he is past out, put him in his bed. I dont know his bedtime routine. Kids will prefer to sleep with their parents!!!!! There are a few ways to get him to sleep in his bed. Get a nightlight, (most kids are afraid of the dark) lay in his bed with him and watch a movie, read to him, and even sing until he falls asleep. You just have to find whats the best way for your child to fall asleep. One more thing, STOP the sleeping in bed thing with you!!!! Like I said, my son still does it. I believe it gets worse the more you do it. When he falls asleep we put him in his bed every night. Sometimes he wakes in the middle of the night to go in with us, or he sleeps all night in his bed. I hope my post helped!! Good luck! =)

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