how to put weight on any suggestions????

Becky - posted on 06/11/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




i know this is not normally a common thing to be asked but i am a mother of 2 very active as i am doing it alone and i developed post over and under active thyroid function. this bassically means for those that do not know that my thyroid goes over active after birth then swaps to under and over every month this was not diagnosed till after my second pregnancy even though i was wearing kids aged 13 clothes after my first child and going for tests. after my second child it was worse and i lost a lot of weight and went back to wearing kids aged 13 clothes even though before pregnancy i was a size 12-14 and i would like to get back to that but having just a fuller figure will please me too as i am so ashamed of my body at the min when i go out i get people stare at me and i am so uncomfortable due to this. so please if you have any advice as i have tried gyms but they wouldnt help unless it was weight loss and i have also tried online but nothing so please help me get to a normal weight i would be hapy being a size 10-12 but nothing lower as i hate my body now

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