How to redirect my 2 year old from saying "shut up mommy"

Samantha - posted on 02/01/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




When I ask my daughter a question, she will sometimes respond "shut up mommy" and I tell her "that's not nice" or "no no"... Yet she continues with this statement which is a bit agrivating as I don't want her to continue with this behavior and attitude, I also don't want it to progress into anything worse. How can I nip this? Suggestions :):):)


Chet - posted on 02/02/2014




I don't believe in timeouts, especially not for toddlers. I do agree that you need to find out where the behaviour is coming from. I hope somebody isn't telling your 2 year old to shut up when she asks questions.

As well though, tell your daughter what to say instead. If she says "shut up mommy" don't give her a huge reaction. Get down close to her and very calmly and nicely, in a whispering voice say, "quiet please mummy". Then leave, change the subject, or move on somehow.

When our kids were very little I tried to save "no" and "stop" for really dangerous things that needed to be immediately halted. For most things, I worked to replace negative behaviours with more preferable ones - right down to scripting appropriate responses. It's really asking a lot from a toddler to figure out the right things based on all stuff they've been told not to do. As much as possible, say what you SHOULD do instead of what you shouldn't do.

Gena - posted on 02/01/2014




i agree with Jodi.She has learned it from somewhere.Keep telling her that you do not accept it and put her in timeouts if she doesnt stop.

Jodi - posted on 02/01/2014




I think the first thing to look at is where she learned to say this! Clearly she has learned it from somewhere - someone has modelled this behaviour. If you don't want her to continue, then you have to make sure the appropriate behaviour is being modelled.


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