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Robin - posted on 09/28/2012




before you have another you really need to decide if you truly want one or if youre just trying to fill the void and hurt. Think of what might/will happen after you get pregnant...will your hubby be super upset to the point he leaves?? You dont want to be a single mom of two. Ive had a termination after my daughter passed at two months... i ended up getting preggos the same week she passed...i couldnt handle it..she was my first. The same as you i regret it every day.

You need to heal yourself and forgive yourself before you do anything. Maybe get counseling again....or just start a journal and let all your feelings out.

either way its best to talk out whatever it is youre feeling inside. You will see the baby that was terminated again some day....and they will be fully grown in Gods glory.

Good luck hun.

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