How to rid a 4 year old of yelling and temper tantrums...

Jennifer - posted on 09/07/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter (4) seems to feel the need to "yell" or "scream" when she doesnt get her way. Nothing seems to phase her. I am to the point where she is in timeout everytime this happens but having an 8 year old sister who thinks the world revolves around her, doesn't help. I think the 4 year feels she can't be heard or understood without the constant yelling or tantrums but I can't take them anymore.

Any suggestions?


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Jennifer - posted on 09/13/2011




I am not really sure to how to explain the 8 year old. she is a great kid but when she has thought, it needs to be taken care of now.... she can act like the mother figure and try to tell the 4 year old what to do, what not to do but when she wants to play with he 4 year old, then it seems ok...

Since I have posted my initial question, i actually have had both of my kids watch nanny 911 with me and so far, things seem to have settled down a little... don't get me wrong, they aren't angels but the timeout chair hasn't been put to used so much lately....

Jodi - posted on 09/07/2011




What do you mean by an 8 year old sister who thinks the world revolves around her? Is her sister also displaying this behaviour? Why would your 4 year old feel she can't be heart or understood? I think if you can resolve the issues with the 8 year old, you will be able to THEN deal with the issues with your 4 year old. So.....what's your 8 year old doing?

Eva - posted on 09/07/2011




Ha! Where do I know it from. I feel sorry for you that you have to go through the same thing. I hate being a mother sometimes ....many times ....for the same reason...They can be little monsters at this age. Sorry, I do not have any advice I wish I knew what to do with my 4 year old bossy monster...

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