How to spend quality time with the kids

Sara - posted on 05/15/2016 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi! Amidst our coffee-fuelled, technology savvy world today, how can a mom keep her sanity and keep her kids away from iphones and tabs and what not, while encouraging more talk and affection?


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Sarah - posted on 05/16/2016




I'd have to say I agree with the other moms, also all tech devices must be turned off or turned in a bedtime for anyone 15 and under. Once you are 16 I expect my kids to show self moderation. Absolutely no tech devices at the table, and no devices in the car except longer trips. If I am driving to or from school or sports, I expect to be able to chat with the occupants of the car. We had one exception to this rule; my eldest son was so irritable in the morning and he had to drive his younger three siblings to school. It was better for them to be plugged in to a device rather than making a ruckus and distracting him from focusing on driving.

Jodi - posted on 05/16/2016




Limit their time on technology. It's not that hard. In our house, there are time limits for the younger kids (the adult children make their own choices). We also have a no technology policy at our dinner table, so generally we can have family conversations over meals.

Sarah - posted on 05/15/2016




That really is an odd question. Were looking for an answer or to open a discussion of sorts?

Ev - posted on 05/15/2016




That is common sense really. Just have a time the tablets, phones, and computers are turned in to you and set aside a certain time of the day or evening for that time of one on one without the tech stuff involved.

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