How to start a sleep schedule for 2 month old boy!

Rachel - posted on 06/27/2014 ( 4 moms have responded )




MY 2 month old feeds on demand, sleep anytime pretty much. I have no schedule but want to start a schedule. My biggest challenge as a new mom is, when he is sleepy and he's been fed and cleaned but still takes him another hour or two to finally sleep. Is that normal? He is seeming to prefer being held and thats really tedious. I literally have him sleeping on my right hand on the sofa before he can sleep for a good hour or two during nighttime. I am not comfortable with that at all. I want him to sleep in his crib! or just be able to sleep deep. Because sometimes you see that he is so deep asleep in your arms and the moment you put him down he wakes. If he doesn't wake right away, he wakes within 5 minutes. Please help! I am so frustrated and I am home alone with him i need this to work asap. Thanks :)


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Every baby is different... my kids are 10, 9 & 1... my oldest slept 7 hours straight every night at 2 weeks... my middle slept 15 mins at a time and would suffocate herself in her mattress after waking up to force passing out so she coslep most nights till about 15 months... my youngest had bad reflux and would make no noise and choke if she laid flat so she slept on my arm and still does... all babies eat on demand (you can't force tiny tummies to fill till they burst or starve... if formula or nursing is satisfying and the baby gains well you should leave it at that... this is why people say being a parent is a lot of work and NO sleep!) My youngest ate every hour (nursed and yes she got plenty I pumped to see and yes even pumped she ate/slept the same... nursing goes through them faster but is way healthier and they eat more.... formula less and stays in longer)... he may need more burping... most over look it but sit him up straight as an arrow and support his head (away from you for puke protection) and bounce him... may seem scary to do but if you hear sloshing in there its a bubble you will master knowing where it is and how to tilt and bounce him and then straighten him out... if you want I can try to send you a pic with my baby for examples... just inbox me yes the bubbles can keep him up because it will hurt and make him puke... also after eating keep him up a bit longer and then let him top off (usually after 30 mins baby wakes up needing a bit more) and don't get him in a habit of complete silence to sleep and eating to sleep.... if he falls asleep with a bottle in his mouth take it away before he dozes and get him a bit active and burp and feed more while talking to him and keeping him awake so he falls asleep burping or after... he won't sleep for more than 4 hours... my youngest it was 1 hour till she was 3 months then 2 hours till she was 5 months the 3 hours till she was 8 months and now she waits to see if I'm asleep before she sleeps so I don't ditch her in the crib... so if I'm not too tired I pretend to sleep and put her in there... she usually wakes up... funny how much I miss her tiny baby stages even though I got no sleep this year! Also he was inside you... being away from you and your warmth is scary... our instinct as babies to survive is to be nearest to mom... source of food and safety and comfort and cleanliness.... source of life. So enjoy it... he's going to be bonded to you... my oldest loved sleeping in her own bed and still won't cuddle! I think babies know right off if they have that bond my younger 2 do my oldest wants it but is lost on how to and doesn't enjoy it as much.

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He is too young to put on any kind of schedule or routine. It's natural for him to sleep in your arms. He is still getting used to being in the big wide world, after being in your secure, confined womb for 9 months. Have you tried swaddling him? It may help him to sleep more easily.

A trick that worked with my son was putting a hot water bottle in his crib before he fell asleep in my arms. Then, when he was asleep, remove the hot water bottle and lay him gently in the crib. As the temp. is warm on his sheet, he won't be disturbed by a change in temperature.

Sarah - posted on 06/27/2014




He is still pretty little, do you may just need to give it time. Right now he is still on what I call the newborn schedule. .....wake, sleep, eat. They will generally be awake for an hour or 2 after they eat and then sleep for an hour give or take and then be up to eat again. At around 4 months or so they start to switch to a "nap" schedule where they will be up for longer and then nap for a couple hours in the morning and a couple in the afternoon. For the sleeping in your arms. Try swaddling. I would swaddle and then hold until they were good asleep and then lay down. As they got older (6 mos +) I then would lay down awake. Some days/times are going to work better then others. At 2 months you will spend most of your day holding your baby. What helps is if you can get a sling or front pack or wrap this allows you to hold baby and get things done.

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