How to stop eczema from getting worse

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Just to share an effective way to sooth the eczema of your children:
My daughter is born with this condition and she is 10 now. All these years, I am just like many moms out there trying to find the best solution, medication, diet to help stop the eczema from getting worse. As she grows older, the medicated lotion seems to be less effective. She becomes more active with sweaty feet, her condition got worse.
Finally, by searching on the web what the ingredient is in the Aveeno oatmeal powder that claims to be effective to cure the condition. I realized that it contains mainly Colloidal Oatmeal, which simply means, finely ground oatmeal. I quickly use my home blender to grind the traditional Quake Oatmeal (NOT Instant Oatmeal) to very, very fine powder. I mix 1/3 cup of the powder in a plastic flat base container of warm water for my daughter to soak her feet in. I let her soak her arms, her feet in the solution each day for about 20 to 25 minutes. (For severe condition, you can try to soak them twice a day, 15 to 20 mins. each time). Then, I applied Aveeno lotion for eczema on the affected area. I did not apply any medication on her just to see how effective this home remedy can be. I also let her try to wear sandals as much as possible. To my pleasant surprise, it only took her 10 days to recover from the severe condition to a mild condition. Her arms where the skin fold when she bent her arms were completely healed. The rashes and blisters that used to be on her toes were almost gone, leaving rough, scaling skin surface. After about 1 more week, I applied some prescribed lotion on those area and she is completely healed. Since then, I stopped soaking her feet in the solution. The skin on her toes and arms look so smooth and nice, I almost cried when I touched it.
One month later, when she went back to school after the summer, her eczema on her toes started to act up again but in a mild condition. I quickly resume soaking her in the oatmeal solution with water and applying the prescription on her toes sporadically, her condition is under control. Thank God that the eczema on the skin of her arms have never come back though.
Colloidal oatmeal powder is the best and cheapest, safest solution to my daughter. Just be careful to check if your children are allergic to GLUTEN. If yes, make sure you will use gluten free oatmeal.
One thing worth mentioning about eczema, it can be triggered by stress as well, so we should teach our kids how to manage their lives and school work to reduce their stress level.


Sarah - posted on 09/29/2015




Another way which helped my child is to put the oats directly into an old sock (and I mean one you never want to use again). Tie the end of the sock so no oats float out and use it all over in the tub. It gets squishy and slimy and my daughter, now 11, will rub it all over her itchy spots. I think the premise is the same as what you are doing. Throw the sock out when you are done.

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