How to stop her from Peeing on herself?

Rebecca - posted on 10/13/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a 3 yr old. She is a wonderful smart beautiful girl! She has been totally potty trained for a little over a yr now. Well all of the sudden out of the blue nowhere, she desides she wants to just start peeing in her pants.... She use to pee the bed here & there but never nuthing like this. not even when she began potty training. now we can be anywhere & she will just pee herself then not tell anyone walk around with pee pants on & it rubs her little lady business raw I feel so bad for her cuz I kno it hurts but she will pee her pants multiple times a day & no matter how much we have "talks" about it or she gets in trouble it keeps getting worse not better.... HELPPPPPPPP!


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User - posted on 10/13/2012




I haven't yet thought of the uti! I will be making her an appointment THIS WEEK thank you so much for ur opinion! maybe I should ask her if it burns or hurt when she pees. she will just keep telling me I know I should but I dont want to stop playing...

Dove - posted on 10/13/2012




Have you taken her to the doctor? She could have a uti or bladder infection. That is not always the case, but is 'usually' the first thing to check when a fully potty trained child starts having multiple accidents out of the blue. It could be that, some sort of emotional trauma, or just one of those things. I'd rule out the medical aspect first though.

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