how to stop kids from biting?

Jennifer - posted on 07/08/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am a stay at home Mom who also looks after other children. I've recently started looking after a little boy who is picking on one of the other kids, mainly by biting her. The two kids involved are 13 months and 19 months, the younger one is doing the biting. I feel so bad for the one that is getting bit and I know the mother isn't happy about it. When I talked to the mom of the one that is biting, she just said that he doesn't do it at home. I keep them separted as much as possible and watch them very closely but there are times when I'm not able to be right beside them and that is when the biting happens. I know it is just a stage that some kids go through but I don't think the Mom of the one getting bit understands that. Any suggestions on how to deal with this???


Sal - posted on 07/08/2011




the only thing i can suggest (and have done on other threads about biting) is to ignor the biter and pay attention to the bitten, i am only offering this as it worked for me, very quickly so is worth a try,
as hard as this is to do but just don;t give him any attention at all,, not even a time out just pickup the other child and comfort them, don;t mention the biters name or that she was bitten, just act as if he isn;t in the room, my daughter went through this as well and we tried everything we could think of and when this was suggested i thought it had no hope of working but as i was at my wits end we tried it, and not only did it work but it work it worked immedatly, she would bite only my son luckily he was old enough to understand what we were trying to do, the next time she bit him, he payed no attention to her at all, she stpped biting and said "nik i biting and biting and you won;t talk to me" and he said nothing at all we just pretended she wasn;t even in the room, she never again bite anyone, she was maybe 18-20 months... i would explain to the mum of the child being bitten your new approach if you try it as she might just think you are doing nothing..

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