How to stop my 2yr old son from his tantrums and crying?

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My son is 2yr and he always throwing tamtrums. I cant leave him anywhere without hearing him throwing a fit, when we go to my inlaws he will follow me to any part of the house. When it time for bed he will throw a big fit just crying it takes hours till he finally asleep. How can I control his tantrums? Iv tried the corner, taking a toy away and nomatter what I do it just makes him even madder.


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I don't know how to make him stop once he starts, but I find that giving my 2 year old lots of warning before we do something helps reduce the tantrums. Like, if I want to go out for the morning, I talk about it while we eat breakfast. "After you're all done, you need to find your shoes. We're going away in the car. Hmm, I wonder where your shoes are?" Also plenty of warning before naps, bedtime, and diaper changes is important.

I've also found that if he doesn't get enough sleep he's incredibly cranky, whereas if I keep him on schedule he is quite cheerful.

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Honestly you can't. It's the age, and I'm sure you've heard that before. Ignore him. If he follows you to tantrum more, just keep moving.

My daughter, who will be 3 in March did the same exact thing. Trying to stop a tantrum is like trying to lay a golden egg.


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Let me know when you find the cure, don't keep the secret to yourself! I am going through a similiar thing with my 2 year old daughter. No cure!

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