How to stop sippy cups at night before bed??

Brenda - posted on 03/08/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have twins that just turned 3 and I would like to get them to stop going to bed with a sippy cup at night. If i take the cup away from them they scream they want milk and im trying to potty train them but I think the only way to really make that work is if I take the cup away because the potty training isnt working out so well. Help what do I do?????


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Mommabird - posted on 03/08/2015




Our twins are 17 mths and at One when we switched from bottle tto sippy we did the water at night. They fussed for about 5-10 minutes each night but I didn't give in. I agree milk at night to get them to sleep causes tooth decay and calcium buildup.

Dove - posted on 03/08/2015




Just put water in the cup and let it be. They JUST turned 3, so there is no reason to be focused on night training yet. A cup at night will not impact day training and the night training will happen when their bodies are developmentally ready to do so. I have a kid that would guzzle water in bed at 3/4 and never wet the bed. I have another kid that had limited water at bedtime and wet the bed on occasion til 8/9 years old. Water or lack of water had nothing to do w/ their bodies being ready to sleep through the night dry or wake themselves to pee.

Sarah - posted on 03/08/2015




Do only water in cup at night. Milk is not good at night....cause teeth to rot. Stay strong on that as they may cry and scream, but that is much better then rotten teeth. Then slowly decrease the amount of water that is in the cup. They are 3, so the habit has gone on for a long there might be protest on their side. As a parent you have to stick to your guns and not give in knowing that what you are doing is better for them. You are always going to have situations where they want something and you say no and they throw a fit. It does not get easier.

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