how to stop the cycle of meeting abusive men, im 8mths pregnant and the babys dad is in prison for being drunk and thretening and holding me by the throat. How am i going to cope with yet another bad choice, its hard to be strong when your on your own...


Krista - posted on 03/30/2012




It is hard to be strong when you're on your own, but you have a child to think about now. You need to protect your baby, and if it's a boy, raise him to be a good man who treats women with respect. If it's a girl, you need to raise her to know that she deserves to be treated with respect.

And you won't be able to teach that if you are involved with a man who does not treat you with respect. Children learn what they see.

And if your child sees you being treated badly, that is what he or she will think is normal and accepted. A lot of children who grow up in abusive households grow up to be abusers (or abused) themselves. And I would hope that you would want better for your child than that.

Here is a link to the national Domestic Abuse Hotline. They can help you with resources, support groups, counseling, whatever you need to help you realize that you DO deserve better, and you CAN have better. There is a good man out there somewhere for you, but you'll never meet him if you waste all of your time with drunken, abusive men who disrespect you.

You deserve better. And so does your baby.

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