how to take a newborn and 2yr old places

Laura Pas - posted on 05/13/2015 ( 3 moms have responded )




I need to take them to the doctor but I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to carry the baby and my 2 yr old... I guess I didn't put much thought into all this, this I'm scared to even go to the store, cuz idk how I will do it, it is all overwhelming with a 5 yr old, 2 yr old and the baby is not even two weeks!!!


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Ledia - posted on 05/13/2015




It can be a little rough. How far away is the Doctor's Office? If you are using public transportation to get there, strollers can be much more hassle than they are worth--people who live in places where EVERYONE has a car and sidewalks are rarely crowded enough to discourage a double stroller don't really understand how difficult it can be to walk 2 miles with a 2 year old....

If it's close enough to home, consider skipping the bus or train and just walking the whole way with a stroller--you can wear the baby, put the 2yr in a stroller, and have the 5yr walk, or if you have a double stroller, put both the baby and the 2yr in it, but those things are usually so bulky and gigantic you can't really get anywhere if the sidewalks are crowded. You can also hang your grocery bags from the stroller handles, so that is really handy.

If you MUST use the bus or train, and the stations are too far to let the 2 yr old walk (They can be really slow), invest in a small umbrella stroller that you can carry on with you, and put the 2yr old in that. Also, a lot of buses will allow you to put your stroller in the handicapped area if there is no one using it at the time--just be prepared to move quickly if someone who is handicapped gets on the bus.

Sarah - posted on 05/13/2015




2 yr old should be able to walk. Have 2 yr old hold your hand or stroller or even 5 yr olds hand. For grocery store have 5 yr old hold onto cart and help you get the groceries. 2 yr old can either hold onto cart and also help or can sit in the cart. Newborn can either sit in cart or be put in a front carrier while you shop. Just be creative.

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