How to talk with your 16 year old daughter.

Brenda - posted on 09/17/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Of course i love my daughter and would do anything for her and maybe that is where i have gone wrong.

She does not show me ANY respect what so ever, I have blamed myself her father her boy friend and on and on . I need to learn and understand her can anyone please help me understand and talk with my teen daughter.


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We have a Great! relationship prior to her teens and we still do when its convenient to her..:) We are flexible with many areas cause as you said when i can listen and thats not always..:) her reasoning makes sense. What is so very hurtful is they way she talks to me the hurtful things she says. Like i said in the beginning we do so much to try and keep her safe like picking her and her friends up i've always told my kids no matter what your do where your to or who your with make sure your safe and if that means calling be up in the middle of the night when i thought you were in bed then do it. So its just extreamly hurtful when she says such things as i hate you I don't care about you your nothing to me.

I also feel this is part of her growing up but it hurts. I only have one friend who i can talk to about my kids and I feel i can't be calling her all the time upset .

My son is so different is it true that girls are more temperamental then boys...I vote yes..:) Thanks for listening.

Jurnee - posted on 09/17/2012




I have gone through 3 teenagers so far, its not easy. There comes a time when they seem to beome differnt peopel. How is she being disrespectful, is it an attitude, or more defiant, as in breaking rules. or more serious things? Did you and she have a close relationship prior to this? They are at a point at that age where they are trying to be more adult, and breaking away a bit, but still need our guidance and support. I learned to choose my battles at that age, I overlooked the sleeping late on weekends, but insisted on my curfews. I did try to let them have input on these things though, not that they could usually cahnge my mind, but it was good to hear their reasonig, and a few times they did change my mind, or at least we came to a compromise. I always found a good time too talk to my kids was in the car, when it was just the two of us.

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