How to teach 3 year girl

Manimegalai - posted on 11/04/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is 3 years old .she is telling all abcs ,123...10 ,all fruits and begs etc. but she is not forming sentences. If I ask any questions she is telling in one word.not making any sentences .how can I train her to make sentences. She is going for preschool for the past 2 months


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Dove - posted on 11/04/2015




If she is not forming sentences by 3 it is a good idea to talk to the doctor about getting her evaluated.

Also read books, talk to her about your day, ask her questions about her day that would normally require her to speak in sentences. LISTEN to everything she says and you can repeat back some of what she says and probe w/ questions to hear more.

Raye - posted on 11/04/2015




Do you talk to her in simple sentences? Do you ask her questions that require more than a one word answer? Do you encourage her to talk about what she sees or hears or does during the day?

The best thing is to talk to your child. Describe what you're doing, point things out, ask questions, sing songs. (Although some baby talk is okay, resist the temptation to coo and babble. Your child will learn to speak well by listening to you speak well.) Reading to your child is a great way to expose her to new vocabulary, the way sentences are put together, and how stories flow. But don't just read the words – ask your child to find things in the illustrations or tell you what happened to the characters. When your child talks to you, be a good listener – look at her and be responsive. She's more likely to speak up when she knows you're interested in what she's saying.

You might also think about having her checked out for any developmental issues that might cause issues with speech patterns.

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