How to teach my 16 Month old son?

Amanda - posted on 03/07/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is almost 17 Months doesn't know any simple comands like No or he acts like it anyways he doesn't talk yet only dadda he had torticollis so it made him delayed I can repeatedly say No & it does no good I can tap his hand does no good he even now throws a fit with a diaper change the dr said my son's behavior is a mind of a 6 & 9 Month old baby cause I will watch him play all he does is throws toys he doesn't play I'm going crazy all he does is scream & Cry I don't know what to do with him can anyone help me My oldest who is almost 4 now new all the cammands at 16 Months he was also talking by 11 Months said dadda at 6 Months how do I teach my 16 Month old inside voice i don't know I never had to deal with this with a baby at this age when he wants something he continues to try no matter how many times I say no


Dove - posted on 03/07/2013




If his 'mental age' is 6-9 months.... you teach him like you would a 6-9 month old. LOTS of distraction and redirection. Depending on his delays... he may or may not understand. I can imagine the situation is frustrating you, but comparing him to your older child won't help anyone. He is his own person and will do things on his own time. Perhaps looking for a support group in your area of moms going through the same thing might help you.

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