How to tell children you have a disease


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Louise - posted on 05/30/2012




Children are very resilient. She needs to be truthful with her children and tell them without frightening them what is happening. If it is terminal then they have a right to know how serious it is to help them in the future. If it is likely she will make a full recovery then she needs to tell them that she is going to be very and sick and that she is going to need them to be very grown up and strong for her. At the ages they are they will understand more than she thinks. Being open and honest with them is the best way because they wont feel shut out, and they will be more relaxed with the situation because they know. If she hides it from them they will sence that something is going on and draw there own conclusions, this will lead to a lot of stress and resentment forming. Always tell them what to expect and then they will be prepared and ready to help where they can. I hope she is one of the lucky ones and comes through this. x

Christine - posted on 05/30/2012




A friend of mine has cancer - how does she tell her children girl 10yrs and boy 8 yrs

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