How to train kids to clean themselves in the loo


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Denikka - posted on 10/06/2012




Basically what Michelle said.

I always just took my kids into the bathroom with me and they watched what I did. Then I'd let them rip off a piece of toilet paper and put it into the potty, and then I'd let them flush.

Once they actually started potty training, I'd make them wipe themselves after they pee, and when they pooped, I'd clean them up and then let them do the final wipe. My son is fully potty trained now, at 3.5yrs and my daughter is on her was at 22 mos. My son does all his own wiping and he does a pretty darn good job at it too :) I sometimes to need to remind him to wipe (or to flush), but overall, he does very well.

Michelle - posted on 10/06/2012




you just do it for them and one day it will click and they will tell you they can do it themselves. I bought my daughter the flushable wipes which she uses when she poops to ensure she gets it all and wipes when she pees. If they see you doing it they will just assume that is part of going to the potty.

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