How to wean a baby who won't drink anything but breastmilk?

Sarah - posted on 09/13/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son, 15 months old, was a terrific nurser right out of the gate. I never had any problems. I started introducing solids around 7 months and now he eat 3 meals/2 snacks a day. He isn't picky - EXCEPT when it comes to liquids. He will drink water. This is the problem: right around 12 months (June) he started biting me while nursing (he was just starting to get top teeth - right now he has two bottom and one top, the other coming through). It was very painful, drew blood. I spent all summer working on methods to cope with the biting, try to keep him from biting - tips I got from La Leche and another lactation consultant. Finally, two weeks ago, I just had enough. It was starting to make me anxious every time I would nurse, I would just tense up, waiting for the inevitable bite. And its was random - sometimes at the start of nursing, sometimes towards the end. In any event, I just decided that it wasn't working out and a beautiful thing has now turned stressful for me. So I stopped nursing him. Because I both work part time and go to school, I've always pumped and he would take a bottle when I wasn't around. For the last two weeks I have just been pumping and giving him a bottle where I would usually nurse. He initially kept asking (through sign language) to nurse, but has now stopped. He takes a bottle just fine. Does not seemed traumatized over it - I hold him and rock him while he takes a bottle. I would give it to him in a sippy (which I intend to start doing and it is how he drinks water/juice) but I didn't want to take BOTH bottle and breast away in the same day. I guess what I am wondering is - is this unusual? Are there other moms out there who exclusively pump without actually "nursing" at all? I have tried to give him whole milk and goats milk - he vehemently rejects both. He will sometimes take a bit of kefir, but that can't replace mama's milk. I know he's old enough to be weaned, and gets enough nutrition from solids at this point. What should I do? Continue pumping and giving it to him that way? For how long? thanks!


Emily - posted on 09/13/2009




hi ya, have you tryed to use breast milk in a bottle with normal milk or follow on formula, like start with 90% breast milk and a little bit of other milk and then slowly increase the other milk, this is ment to be a good method to get babies 2 take other milk

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