How to wean my baby

Keisha - posted on 04/25/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi,my baby is 1 year old and she still breasfeeds she never took a bottle and i have tried everything from different cups to all kinds of bottles and nipples she eats but not as much as she should because everytime she turns around she just wants my breast,i was thinking of drying up my milk but i dont know if that would stop her from wanting the breast seeing that she doesn't drink any other form of milk,please help


Raye - posted on 04/25/2016




Yes, she may drink less as she figures out how to use the sippy cup, but she may also take a keener interest in solid foods -- which is totally normal. If she hasn't gotten used to a bottle yet, I would skip it. Go right to the sippy cups with whole milk or even express some breastmilk and give to her in the cup. Don't force her, but at meal times do try to give her the cup and food first and see how much she'll eat, then give her some snack times where you still breastfeed. If you let her carry the sippy cup around with her as she plays, then only put in a few ounces of water, as frequent sipping can lead to tooth decay.


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