How to wean your one year old from nursing to sleep ?

User - posted on 07/03/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




My daughter just turned one this past week, i have slowing started to wean her off of her nursing feedings this past month, and have started milk. The reason i started milk so early (at 11months) is because i felt i was lacking the amount of milk i was producing myself and wanted her to get something more and felt she was ready. Since she was a newborn she has never been a big eater, she only nursed for like 10-15 mins at most and seemed full, it continues now with the bottle, she rarely finishes it but when she has a meal she eats everything.With that said, the first bottle i gave her was at night to help her to sleep better, but she still felt it necessary to nurse to sleep. Since then i have started to add more milk feedings trough out the day to where im only nursing her at night and naptime. Which means im her cue to sleep( not good). i really want her to be able to have a bottle and fall asleep on her own. We also co-sleep(which im not ready to give up just yet).
Any suggestion would be helpful thank you!

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