how we can engage 15 month old baby


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Raye - posted on 12/11/2015




You should be working with your child to begin talking. You should point things out and name them, even if the child can't say the names back. If they try to say the word, even if they don't way it quite right, then praise them. Your child comprehends many more words than they can say and is filing the information away for later. Reading with your child or singing along to music would also help them learn more words.

Coloring is a great way for the child to learn. They are at an age now were they can realize that the movements of their hands with a crayon are what is creating marks on a page. Get them some of the large crayons and some blank paper and let them scribble. Drawing skills will improve little by little until they're able to draw recognizable pictures. By 24 months, they should be starting to draw things that look like real shapes. By 36 months they should be writing things that look like actual letters.

Sometime between 18 and 24 months, toddlers begin to be able to think about things that aren't present. They may know that their shoes are in the closet, or they stand in front of the refrigerator and ask for juice, which they know is there even though they can't see it. Play hide and seek with some favorite toys... hide the toy under two or three blankets and see if they are fooled when they pull off the first layer and the toy isn't visible. They should keep searching and have fun looking for things that you hide.

Aron - posted on 12/10/2015




I love singing with my babies. We watch a show called the mother goose club(it's in netflix and youtube) and we dance and sing the nursury rhymes together. Good luck!

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