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Everytime my teenage daughter is at her father's house she does things she shouldn't do and her father ables her. She did something wrong. I do think she stool his money, but I can't prove it because her father never checked her story. He grounded her all weekend but change his mind when a friend of him offered money to let her be free for one day.
She also did a bad thing on Snapchat. She took a picture during gymnastics and send it to her friends. She can't just send any random picture of someone that hasn't approved it and now they have reported this incident. They were even thinking of going to the police. She only does this the times she is at her father's house and I need to hear from you what you think I should do about it.


Raye - posted on 11/18/2015




You can't control what her father allows at his house. She may have to learn the hard way (as she's doing with the Snapchat situation) that her actions have consequences. You just have to enforce the rules at your house and try to teach her right and wrong. When she's with you, you should be monitoring all her activities on internet and smartphone. You should be able to have a civilized conversation with the father about the seriousness of your daughters actions. If you can't and he won't listen, you just have to do the best you can do when she's with you.

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