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Xandria - posted on 06/18/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My sister dropped my nephew off with my mom who is up in age but still works. She works and hour away so my nephew has to go to day care in town. Fortunately he goes to the same day care as my daughter so she drops him off with us in the morning before she goes to work and we pick him up in the evening. He is four and our daughter is two and I don't mind helping my mom because she honestly thought she was watching him for two weeks while my sister got caught up on bills. It has now been almost two months and my sister is off playing house with her boyfriend while we are raising her child. I don't think it's fair to us that we have to watch her child so that she can run around and act like she's childless. She doesn't even answer the phone if we call her not knowing whether it's a serious emergency or not. And she hasn't sent a dime for day care or clothes, food, or anything since he's been here and rarely call. I'm angry. I'm in a rage. How would you feel if this was you? AM I over reacting?


Samantha - posted on 06/18/2011




no, you are not over reacting. that is irrisponsible of her in every way, i am just glad that that sweet boy had such a loving aunt and grandma to look after him and show him the love he deserves ♥

im not sure in the way of advice, nor do i know if you are looking for any, but maybe getting social services or child welfare involved wouldnt be a bad idea. not to have him taken away from family, but to give the mother the support she may need wether it be counceling and or parenting courses, or financial support etc. they arnt the bad guys as much people believe. hope you can find the solution to this situation i couldnt imagine how difficult this could be.

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