How would you get your 9 year daughter to listen to you and not try to disagree with you on every little thing. She is going into 4th grade and she thinks she knows She does do sports and she is every active. But when it comes to Mommy's time to do things ect. she wants nothing todo with it or puts up a fight about it..


Meredith - posted on 07/01/2012




I have a 9yo daughter as well. We started a reward chart, but not for standard chores- its for taking the initiative to do something nice for someone else, having a good attitude about something she doesnt want to do, or helping out around the house without being asked. It has worked REALLY well! When she finishes the chart she gets a predetermined prize (having a friend over, new clothes/jewelry, going out for ice cream, etc). Positive reinforcement works regardless of the childs age! Good luck!

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