how would you know if your child has dyslexia? how much does the test cost?


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Isobel - posted on 03/18/2012




I've been wondering the same about my son, and came across this on the internet for symptoms, evidently holding either pink or blue acitate will help the letters to stop moving for some dyslexics.

There's also a new font that's been developed for dyslexics, you could ask her if it's easier for her to read.

There are also a ton of helpful tricks you can try if you google dyslexia strategies. Good Luck.

DAWN - posted on 03/18/2012




14 yr old struggling in english spelling punctuation using imagination to write stories. she has a reading age and spelling age of 10yrs. how would you know at this age? thanks xx

Andrea - posted on 03/18/2012




Does your family have a family history? How old is she? Depending on the age of the child what you are seeing could be developmental. It is really hard to diagnose in young children because so much of what they do is developmental. Reversals in letters and numbers are common up to Grade 2. Is she having difficulty learning to read? One of the things you may want to try is talking to her doctor about what the teacher and/or you are seeing that is causing a red flag. Often times you can have a child study done through her school where a team of educators and parents sit down to discuss what the issues are. Sometimes further testing may be warranted. I have been teaching for 22 years and I have only had one student in 2nd grade that was finally diagnosed as having this disability. He had been in an early intervention program at 3 and had his first child study at K, then 1st and then got to me. The mom and I were rather close and talked all the time so I suggested that we try two different reading approaches. He would read with my group and then go to another 2nd grade teacher to read with her. Together with all of our years of experience we both saw red flags. He would get the words jumbled when reading them and trying to write them. If you asked for the beginning sound he would give you the middle or end sound. I asked mom about the dr's. he had gone to and once I learned that he had a neurologist I suggested that she go to him again. And that's how he finally got the help he needed. He has been doing Wilson Reading and is in Special Education as a resource. His sped. teacher pulls him out to work with him 1:1 or in a smaller group and reteaches lessons he doesn't understand. He LOVES school now and is reading on grade level and making A's and B's and his work isn't that modified either! He just needed help getting started differently! :-) Good Luck!

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