Huffing son, 30, looking for answers throw him out?

Joanne - posted on 04/18/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




This has been going on for 15 years. one other son says I didn't doe tough love. I always was snooping checking never fining any cans. going over unexpectly to friends homes. But several years have passed and not so many burns from the Duster computer cleaner. This time I thought he really died. I turned in a missing purpose report and they found him. He has been going to church by himself, going to 3 meeting a week for na/aa bought a guitar to play in the church band day before huffing. Everyone says throw him out. He works most of the time is very respectful, helps as much as he can but this addictions frightens the hell out me. Why should I throw him in the street let hm sleep in grass, let him hold a sign. he has hit rock bottom and felt the pain when his ead was severly burned and in hospital for 5 days. yet, after time passed did it again. never at home behind buildings. He's a good grown man of 30. I was suprised when he told me he had been baptised and gave me the tape, all this on his own. He doesn't come from money family and I'm on s.s. he doesn't steal although he's been given a misdeanor for stealing duster. I asked him why did you steal it when you had money. he said the stuff makes him crazy, yet he continues about once a month to take death into his hands. He is on antidepressants, which help immensly and this time he went off them, foolish but, is he telling the truth. I am not blind I have my eyes wide open but rehab does't help it just stops it for a short time 3 months. I don't know where to turn next and I am sorry but I had to tell you people for maybe an answer. I pray but the real world is full of crazy things. he does no other drugs, I am sure.


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