Huge Nasty Custody Battle!!!! Literally is giving me panic attacks.

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To sums things up i am a 21 year old mother to a beautiful 3 year old girl i do not nor have i ever used drugs or cared for that lifestyle. Her father however is a diabetic(who doesn't care for himself properly whatsoever) who regularly smokes weed and may or may not do other drugs he is married to a 19 year old girl who is very possessive of everything he does and tries to be of our daughter.i'm getting off topic though.You know those people who are wrong or lie and just keep lying or those people who can do no wrong? this is what im dealing with.Anyways back to the topic my daughters father is nearly 2,000 dollars behind in child support since april of this year when an issue affects his status or name he will brush whatever i try to address with"that is irrelevant or that doesent matter you are hurting our daughter by doing this or that" he likes to use our daughter as a pawn for how he is feeling so if he is pissed at me whatever he is angry about he wont say is his own issue he throws our 3 yr old in the mix.I have a court case coming up for contempt,modification,and custody. I filed this at first because of the lack of child support(for the contempt) But then other issues happend i started getting threats so i decided to go file for a tpo,While i was there i was asked why i needed to speak with them and i told her because we have a parenting plan. Now let me rewind alittle up until the issues and lack of child support he had asked to re write the parenting plan giving him more days with our daughter so we agreed i looked everything over we signed it and went to my bank to notarize it.Well back to the TPO i gave her that parenting plan and she told me it wasnt filed and that they had never filed it but they had been threating me all kinds of things on that plan when he had not gotten his way. So you can imagine how angry i was that i had been following a fales document and i could have been going by our original. so after that was hashed out she asked me some questions about how i was being threatend and i told her from his wife and himself on her phone and i was told if he needs to contact me about our daughter he needed to on his own phone (which he is claiming they share now,but i have texts with him saying its his wifes phone) he claims his wife does not let him have a phone and it is becasue she cant trust him he constantly in the past has pinned her and i against one another and has attempted cheating on her with me on serveral accouts and i say cheating like sexting me and talking badly about her in attempts to win me back so needless to say shes alittle crazy.Well this last time i didnt know they had fought until i get a phone call from him saying he is done with her blah blah blah that she is abusive she steals his child support and doesent let him pay child support and that this has been going on for years and he also noted he smokes weed to calm his nerves my phone was recording all of this and when i didnt want to take him back and told his wife what he had been doing he quickly ran back to her saying i was trying to seduce him and get him back and get her out of the picture she believed him and took him back i sent her the recordings of every horrible thing he said about her and blamed her for and she still decided to take him back she said they have fought in front of my child before and is claming now there isnt abuse but also state he got her so angry with me she was going to hurt me and go to jail. well here i am now he is a liar and thinks he has done no wrong.and before i get any more off of topic my daughter comes back to me with clothes too small for her they take the clothing i buy and never return it my child is dropped off to me smelling like urine and without underwear on and one drop off she had a tick on her i have also witness drugs in their home my daughter had sat a toy down next to a pipe that had weed in it and her step mother picked it up quickly after i had notice.and i am sorry for the lack of punctuation in this post i just get very worked up talking about this issue it stresses me out and i have no family out here i hope to gain full custody with the texts recordings and pictures and letters from witnesses and move back to california with my family there are so many more things i could address but basically and this sounds horrible. I care for my daughter i want to move to be with my family so my daughter can have a happier life i come from a big military family where as my daughter being with her father he only has his wife who causes alot of the problems and they both use drugs they dont aspire to be functioning members of society and my daughter needs to be in a stable family where she is cared of now i have kept my daughter from going to his home with the proof he provided but is now lying about and it technically makes me in contempt of court i dont know what to do he threatens me everyday that i will have my rights taken away but he is the one not paying cs and is neglecting our child.i need advice,i need help,i need a mothers insight.
I can answer any further questions because this post is just one big mess i just cant have any more panic attacks and suffer for trying to do whats best for my daughter.Also i may add he has only been getting his daughter since april of last year and he only took me to court because his wife made him.

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