Huggier or pampers? Pros and cons

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I'm expecting my 1st baby and I want to start buying diapers ahead of time, but i don't know what kind/size or how many boxes to get.?? Any recommendations?


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I agree with Chet. Don't stockpile actual diapers. Instead, just start saving up the extra money that you would be spending on diapers so that it will be in your bank account when you need it.

Babies are all so different, huggies worked better on my son, pampers worked best on my nephew, target brand worked best on my niece (nephew's sister). Like Chet said, chemical makeup is a big factor in skin as sensitive as a baby's is, and also, the way they move and the way their limbs are connected make a big difference. I put one of my son's huggies on my nephew once and he just spewed everywhere--didn't seem like it caught a drop!

If you are afraid you will spend the money if you don't pre-invest in diapers, buy a gift card for a store that sells several brands of diapers and just add to it as you save and reserve that card to use for diapers only. That way you will still access to whatever brand or size you need, whenever you need it, without putting a strain on your finances.

Chet - posted on 07/18/2014




I recommend that you don't stockpile diapers.

Some babies react to the chemicals in certain brands of diapers and they can't wear that brand. It's not uncommon to find that your baby gets a rash from Huggies and has to wear Pampers, or that they can't wear Pampers and need to wear Huggies. Or to find out that your baby can only wear a store brand from a certain store like Walmart or Costco or Target.

It's very difficult to gauge the size of diapers your need and how many. Some babies are born too big for the newborn size, other babies wear it forever. Some babies outgrow the diaper sizes very quickly, and others very slowly.

Lastly, there is no best diaper. Babies are different shapes and people often have to try different brands to get the best results. You may find that certain brands are too tight or not tight enough in the legs, or that poop leaks up the back.

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